Services We Provide


New Buildings
Low Rise and Mid-Rise Buildings
Superstructure Design
Foundation Design
Peer Review
Construction Administration
Structural Inspection
Fabrication/Shop Drawing Review

Existing Buildings & Structures
Inspection / Condition Assessment
Code Compliance Review
Load Capacity Review, Section Determination
Rehabilitation / Renovation / Addition / Modification
Seismic Upgrade
Findings Reports / Certification Letters
Stabilization Schemes / Underpinning / Temporary Shoring
Pre-Demolition Reports per OSHA
Historic Building Restoration
Wind Load Analysis: Cladding & Glazing Systems
Telecommunication Equipment Support
Roof Top Equipment Support:
  - mechanical units
  - green roofs
  - solar systems

Building Materials/Systems Analyzed
Structural Steel
Reinforced Concrete
Reinforced Masonry
Light - Frame Construction
Cold - Formed Steel
Heavy Timber
Metal Building Systems

Deep Foundations
Driven Piles
Helical Piles, Pushed Piers
Micro-Piles (augered & grouted)
Buildings in Coastal High Hazard Areas

Retaining Walls
Mechanically Stabilized Earth
Reinforced Concrete / Reinforced Masonry
Rubble Stone
Segmental - Conventional and Grid Reinforced Soil
T-Wall Precast Concrete Units
ReCon Walls
Multi-Terraced Walls
Global Stability Analysis

Special Structures
Free-Standing Canopies, Arbors & Carports
Multi-Cell Box Culverts /  Headwalls / Spillways
Short Span Bridges - Private Owned
Free-Standing Signs
Industrial Chimneys
Span Wire Structures
Metal Building Systems
Slabs-On-Grade Subjected to Heavy Loading
Oil Containment Structures for Transformer Installations
Concrete Encased Conduit Banks & Suspension Systems

Construction Engineering
Sheet Piling & Excavation Measures
Chimney Scaffold Review and Certification
Crane Location/Pick Plans

Residential Site Plans and Plot Plans

Commercial Site Plans

Site Development
Building & Site Layout
Zoning Analysis
Traffic Circulation Schemes
Parking Lot Layout & Design
Grading & Utility Plans
Septic System Design
Sanitary System Design
Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Plans & Reports
Stormwater / Drainage System Design
 Seepage Pits
 Chamber Systems
Landscape Design
Site Lighting Design
Soil Movement Calculations & Cross Sections
Floodway Cross Sections & Volume Calculations
Construction Cost Estimates & Reports

We provide expert testimony at public hearings and are able to take
projects through to approval / completion.

 -  Our structural expertise is a complement to our site design
          capability and enables us to better serve our clients.            

  • Site Plan Review
  • Structural Review
  • Consulting & Design

Structural Inspection Services:
Offered for all projects designed by this office to ensure general
compliance with our plans.

Project Monitoring and Compliance reports
Bid Assistance and Management
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