About Our Business

Donly Engineering Group, Inc. provides structural and civil
engineering design & consulting services to clients in various
market segments in the New York Metropolitan Area. We are
focused on helping our clients realize their goals as we strive to
consistently meet or exceed their expectations. We endeavor to
deliver high quality design work along with exceptional service on
every project.

To excel in our industry we use state of the art drafting and
design software for accuracy and efficiency. We attend seminars
and industry events to stay current with trends and new
technologies. We encourage professional development among
our staff.

Our practice reflects our ideals. We work according to the highest
standards of professional conduct and are committed to
upholding the honor and standing of our profession.

We believe in creating jobs for Americans. We do not offshore
our work. Our success depends on a strong economy here at
home.  We are an equal opportunity employer.
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