Clover, LLC

Project Location:
919-921 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ
New 12 Unit Apartment  Building
Project Description
Twelve unit residential condominium project offering approximately 24,000sf (gross) of living space. Parking for 24 cars
Building is proposed with steel-framed superstructure at ground level with elevated concrete deck and upper three floors of
modular construction (timber-framed). Roof system is proposed with a prefabricated wood truss system.

Structural Design Services Provided:
- Performed preliminary structural design of building for coordination of columns with parking spaces. Coordinated spread  
footings with underground stormwater detention system.
- Prepared final structural design of building superstructure and foundation.
- Retaining wall design & wall plans.

Site Design Services Provided:
- Developed initial building concept for the site.
- Coordinated surveying services.
- Conducted limited field investigation of adjacent off-site storm sewer system and sanitary sewer system.
- Responsible for full site design including design of underground stormwater detention system, parking layout plan, soil  
erosion control plan, grading and utility plan, landscape plan and lighting plan.
- Provided professional testimony at public hearings. Assisted with bringing project through to approval.

Approx. Construction Cost:
Digital Rendering